Sand Creek Workplace Wellness

Serving Those Serving and the Sand Creek Group have partnered together to provide you with a revolutionary new approach to common workplace problems. Both companies are dedicated to supporting the human spirit at work. Our values embrace confidentiality, sensitivity to client concerns and a fundamental goodness that places the need of the client first. We understand wholeheartedly that the challenges of the service industry are decidedly unique and we are thrilled to be able to provide this much-needed support to our community.

Look forward to a healthier workplace!
  • Decreased absenteeism
  • More peaceful work environment
  • Increased employee retention
  • Workplace conflict resolution
  • Reduction in financial loss, accident and injury
  • Less stress for management
  • Reduced employee liability
What is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?
  • An EAP is a service provided by employers that gives access to confidential and professional coaching, consulting and counseling for employees.
What does Sand Creek EAP provide?
  • A 24/7, bilingual helpline is available to employees and their eligible family members. They will receive initial assessments, problem-solving resources and referral services by phone. A minimum of four, no cost provider sessions are available, per person, per issue in the office of a licensed counselor.
What are some of the problems addressed?
  • Depression, anxiety and other mental health challenges, chemical dependency, conflict resolution, relationship concerns, work or career concerns, financial troubles, grief and loss, PTSD, stress management, etc.
Where is Sand Creek EAP located?
  • The Sand Creek Group is located in Stillwater, Minnesota, but thousands of professional counselors form a nationwide network of service providers. There are hundreds conveniently located in the Twin Cities metro area alone. Businesses anywhere in the country or eligible to participate.
How do my employees use the service?
  • They call the 24/7 hotline and mention the name of the restaurant or bar where they work. That’s it!
What does Serving Those Serving provide?
  • STS provides initial, company-wide rollout training, bi-annual staff training, and yearly management training. STS also handles contracts, billing, and liaison services to the Sand Creek Group.
How do I know if my staff is using the service?
  • The Sand Creek Group provides quarterly reports on program utilization. If there is more than one business in a group, a separate utilization report will be provided for each location.
What if my employee count changes?
  • Any changes in employee account can be recorded in writing and billing will be adjusted accordingly. In the case of a new business, or for the summer season, the cost will be prorated.